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Ivenet Bebe Seaweed Layer 16g (4g x 4)
  • 4 x 4 Bags
  • Recommended for baby starting weaning food
  • Used probiotics salt & canola oil as ingredient
  • Contain seaweed calcium & DHA for baby's nutrition
  • No preservative
Ivenet Bebe Organic Seaweed Layer 20g (2g x 10)
  • Suitable for 12 months and above
  • Authorised official product. Calcium and DHA added with low sodium.
  • Pioneer for Korean organic baby seaweed laver.
  • Crunch taste, roasted certified organic seaweed laver.
  • Used probiotics salt and enriched Seaweed calcium, DHA for baby's nutrition.
  • Extra coat of organic canola oil to make it more aromatic.
  • Lactobacillus salt which is the first soft salt for building baby’s taste and eating habits.
  • Low Sodium

Green Bottle - Soup/Cooking

Orange Bottle - For mixed

Ingredients: Brewed Soy Sauce49%[Wheat(Korea)18%, Soybean(Korea)13%, Salt, Malt Syrup, Spirit], Purified Water, Organic Sugar2%, Ferment Spirit, Kelp Concentrate [Kelp Extract (Kelp :Korea), Salt(Korea)], Shiitake Mushroom Concentrate [Shiitake Mushroom Extract(Dried Shiitake Mushroom: Korea, Salt: Korea),Salt(Korea)], Onion Concentrate. Contain Soybean, Wheat

  • Baby rice crispy ball baked with sticky rice, no fried
  • Ripen sticky rice dough for 10days and baked
  • Trans fat free Finger food baby rice crispy ball, not fried
  • Mild and tasty
  • 20g
  • For Baby 7 months+
  • Melting in your mouth
  • Made in Korea
  • Recommended for Baby 7 months+
  • Contain 6 types of fresh probiotic, No wheat & Salt free
  • Use freeze-drying process to keep the nutrition ofingredients & protect probiotiocs
  • Melt away in mounth
  • Contain 2 billion live lactic acid bacteria
-Made from Brown Rice in Korea
-No Preservative & Non-Fried
-Easy to hold
-Contain 8pcs /box
Directions for use:
-Suitable for 9m+
-Reseal and store in cool dry place, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight and humidity. Please -consume as soon as possible after opening package.
-For maximum freshness use within 7 days. This product should only be fed when seated, supervised children who are accustomed to chewing solid foods. Kindly check the ingredients for child who is allergic to certain ingredient

- For Baby 12m+

- 25g

- 100% Korean Seaweed

- Small size, Zipper pouch packaging

- Made in Korea


- For 12months or above

- No perservative used

- Individual packing for easy storage and use (4g x 8packs)

- No added starch and low salted salicomia

- Net Weight: 4g X 8

- Made in Korea

  • 100% Korean Organic rice
  • No wheat flour, sugar, salt, combined congener and oil
  • 6 months or above

Made with elderberry, acai berry and raspberry

Rich in anthocyanins and multivitamins

Able to relieve colds and enhance immunity and resistance

Contains Zinc

Certified by HACCP for childcare food safety

No artificial coloring, flavoring and preservatives

Best served cold. Pour the juice into popsicle moulds and freeze for healthy summer snack

Spouted pouch design allows babies and toddlers to feed themselves with less mess


(1) Use carefully selected ingredients for children

(2) Various shapes and colors simulate children’s curiosity

(3) Added calcium  Added calcium for growing children(50g/53mg)

(4) Tip to make taste better  It tastes even better with milk or juice.

(5) Convenient with Individual package


Contains milk and wheat.

  • For 2 Years++, 30g
  • Made of selected Korean Ingredients
  • No added artificial additive! (Caramel Color, Flavoring agents, emulsifying agent etc.)
  • Delicious snack for kids! Also can enjoy it withmilk or soy milk for a meal!
  • It's plain, light grain snack for children
  • Easy to carry, perfect for travel, with ziplock bag
  • Non Fried, healthy baby food
  • Hygienic Certification by KFDA
  • HACCP Certificate

Brand: Ivenet

  • 100% Korean Fruit
  • No sugar, oil & salt added
  • 100% natural fruit
  • Not fried nutritious snack made with white rice
  • Crispy without fried
  • Sweet taste and nutty taste of peanuts together!
  • Use Korean wheat, butter and organic sugar